How to Overcome Common Inventory Replenishment Challenges

eBook - Overcome 3 Common Inventory Replenishment Challenges

A guide to calculating stock replenishment

Do you find it challenging to calculate the optimal time to re-order stock? Is it a struggle to work out the most cost-effective quantities to buy?

Inventory replenishment teams face a common conundrum: Do they buy in bulk and risk increasing stock holding costs? Or buy often and potentially increase unit costs and transportation fees?

Our eBook will give you the answers, providing inventory replenishment models and techniques that will help you improve your replenishment processes and strategy.

In this eBook we'll:

  • Review simple inventory replenishment methods
  • Discuss the factors that influence re-order quantities
  • Introduce the Economic Order Quantity formula
  • Discuss the benefits of using inventory optimisation software to automate stock replenishment processes

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