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EazyStock Software Dashboard for Inventory Optimization


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We'll analyse your inventory data and provide a detailed report on how you can optimise your inventory management operations.

An EazyStock, Stock Health Analysis is a great starting point if you want to know how to improve stock forecasting and replenishment. If you suffer from stock-outs, poor inventory turnover or a build-up of excess stock, a Stock Health Analysis will uncover the underlying issues.

Your Stock Health Analysis will provide an invaluable assessment of the health of your inventory and insight into opportunities for improvement:

  • Understand which stock items you should carry to optimise service levels (fulfilment rates) and identify where you can cut back investment.
  • Categorise inventory items by their demand profile and pinpoint those seeing a growth in demand versus those where sales are declining.
  • Discover items most at risk of running out in the near future (based on forecasts and trends), to help prevent stock-outs, unhappy customers and lost sales.
  • Identify excess stock that threatens to eat away at your cash flow, so you can take action before they become obsolete.
  • See what service levels you should be achieving, based on your current inventory investment.

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