eBook: Using inventory optimisation software to support your Covid-19 supply chain recovery plan

eBook - Using inventory optimisation software to support your supply chain recovery plan

The coronavirus pandemic has severely affected supply chains across the globe. Businesses have been rocked and are scrambling to establish new ways of working – from sourcing raw materials, to securing supply channels and finding new routes to market.

Manufacturers and suppliers need reliable and resilient supply chains to adapt to their continually changing trading environments. Central to this plan is the ability to ensure a regular flow of inventory that meets volatile customer demand, despite risks to supply.

In this eBook we will look at how inventory optimisation software, such as EazyStock, can help.

Download your copy to find out how EazyStock can help you:

  • Deal with erratic customer behaviour, track demand trends and alleviate consequences of inaccurate forecasts.
  • Invest in inventory that will generate revenue
  • Prioritise your time to manage the most critical stock items
  • Mitigate longer lead times and manage your suppliers more effectively
  • Automate re-ordering by dynamically calculating order proposals
  • Free up your time to spend liaising with suppliers and customers

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